To transform ideas into real products, you need a creative process. By integrating packaging and design at an early stage in the development process, we can help you accelerate your company ideas and individual skills into new products, ready to face a demanding market.

We arrange creative workshops and theoretical lectures with a focus on innovation to pin point the next generation of product and packaging. Together with a mix of people and competences from different parts of the organization, we can create a platform that thinks beyond the norm and come up with unexpected and ground breaking solutions. Our goal is to put packaging and brand design at the heart of innovation.



Great packaging design is essential for any brand in order to attract attention and survive on store shelves. The right packaging design catches the eye of the consumer and helps building trust and loyalty towards your brand. Today, design is one of our most important competitive advantages. We help you create strong brand identities and packaging design that sells. Thoroughness and efficiency are key words in our everyday work, in addition we always add a pinch of love and intuition to each and every project we complete.



Packaging is an important part of the brand’s identity and overall impression of a product. We provide packaging consultation, technical support, prototyping, supplier management and packaging manuals to strengthen your procurement and internal processes. To develop the optimal packaging solution for your product, we take into account all aspects of the product’s value chain, and balance product protection with environmental impact of packaging. We help you find the best packaging solutions for your needs.



To successfully introduce a new product to the market, relaunch of a existing brand or make minor design changes – it is essential to create an effective marketing campaign. A strategy defining how to maximize the packaging value, in what media to attract attention and how to make sure the packaging helps to grow your business. We help you analyse, plan, develop, implement and follow up marketing campaigns and brand strategies. Through our network we can implement campaigns that are interactive, modern, exciting and help grow your business. By integrated marketing, we use several channels – print media, TV & radio, digital and social media and create synergies between them. 



Our long experience has given us extensive expertise when it comes to understanding the consumer market. Through years of working closely with brand owners we have learned how to create effective packaging design that sells and gained a deeper understanding of what parameters that influence consumers to reach a decision at the moment of purchase. Due to our strong knowledge base of consumer behavior, we know what works in each category and are happy to share that knowledge in our work with you and your brand. In addition to that we lecture on the subject and arrange case specific workshops. It always start with consumer insight, which we translate into an experience and realize through packaging.